Malaria Competence

An introduction to Malaria Competence

Child, The Gambia

"It is one thing to distribute bednets. It is another thing to use them." This comment is frequently heard in all of those areas of the world where malaria remains a serious threat to the survival, the health and the prosperity of a community.

In the words of Mr Norbert Paniak, President of the Togolese Red Cross, "In the struggle against malaria, it is most important for people to be aware of the problem, for them to acknowledge the problem and for them to take charge of it."

Malaria Competence is a methodology that allows people to take charge of the problem of malaria.

It allows communities:

Some background to this site

The methodology discussed in this site is called the 'Malaria Competence process'. It has been adapted from the AIDS Competence process that is used by The Constellation for AIDS Competence. Full details of the Constellation and the AIDS Competence process can be found at You are more than welcome to join the discussion around the Competence process at the Ning social network site.

Here is a short description of what you will find in each of the sections of the site:

The aim of the site is to introduce people to the Malaria Competence process using the experience of the Togolese Cross and the National Malaria Control Programme in The Gambia.

This site contains much more detail about the Malaria Competence Programme in Togo and The Gambia. You can find it at Togo-Gambia visit.

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